White rice: A feature that distinguishes Asia countries from others

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White rice is now deeply engraved in Asia countries’ cultures and the economy as well. The thing that makes Asia different from the rest of the world is its great dependency on white rice, which is known as the basic staple for the majority of the population.

An overview of white rice

White rice is not only an important staple in cuisine but also a major product of the export industry because of the great demand for importing white rice all over the world.

White rice is a potential market

With its high quality and reasonable price, white rice appeals to plenty of wholesalers. 

India had the highest export volume of rice worldwide, at 15.5 million metric tons as of 2020/2021. Vietnam was the second-largest rice exporter, with about 6.4 million metric tons of rice worldwide in that year.


An overview of white rice

In the last few years, the global rice supply amounted to over 700 million metric tons of milled equivalent each year. Between 2008 and 2019, global rice consumption increased by over 50 million metric tons, from 437 million metric tons to around 490 million metric tons. In 2018/2019, the top three countries for rice consumption were China, India, and Indonesia. That year, nearly 143.8 million metric tons of rice were consumed in China.

Leading countries that supply white rice

  • India

Rice production in India is an important part of the national economy. India is the world’s second-largest rice producer and the world’s largest rice exporter. Production increased from 53.6 million tons in 1980 to 120 million tons in 2020-21

  • Vietnam

In the first 4 months of 2021, Vietnam exported 1.89 million tons of rice, down 10.8% in volume. However, because the export price of rice increased by 13.4% on average, to 534 USD/ton, the total export revenue still reached 1.01 billion USD, up 1.2% in value over the same period in 2020.

  • Thailand

According to the Thai Rice Exporters Association, Thailand’s rice exports in the first quarter of 2021 decreased by 23%, to 1.13 million tons, with a total value of 21.8 billion baht. (about 700 million USD), down 23.6% over the same period in 2020. Thailand aims to export 6 million tons of rice in 2021.

Health benefits of white rice

White rice brings people many health benefits as follows:

  • White rice acts as an energy boost

Since rice is carb-rich food, it provides a lot of energy very quickly. And that’s why even athletes prefer white rice over brown rice when they need an energy boost.

  • White rice helps stabilize blood sugar levels

While you might have heard that white rice has starch and is comparatively high on the glycemic index, the truth is that when accompanied by other foods such as vegetables, it can prevent blood sugar spikes.


Health benefits of white rice

  • White rice is gluten-free

Rice is a hypoallergenic food and also a blessing for people who are allergic to gluten or have celiac disease. A gluten-free grain, rice can also be easily turned into flour, noodles, and bread for people who opt for gluten-free options.

  • White rice aids heart health

When you opt for whole grain rice, you help your heart health out. Even the American Heart Association agrees that whole grains improve blood cholesterol levels and further reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Top 3 white rice suppliers

Here is a list of the best suppliers of Vietnam white rice export that customers could trust in and purchase.

Van Loi Food Processing One Member Co., Ltd

Van Loi Food Processing One Member Co., Ltd specializes in supplying white rice for export. The product is voted as high-quality Vietnamese export rice, trusted by many agents. The company’s total warehouse area is over 25,000 m2, including a milling plant with a capacity of 500 tons of rice/day, 10 systems of rice drying ovens with a capacity of 500 tons of rice/day, with 13 rice polishing lines. the capacity of 1,700 tons of complete products of 5%, 10%, 15%, 25%, broken rice, etc. 03 color sorter systems with a capacity of 300 tons/day, in addition, the company also invested in 4 more bran drying lines, the revenue of dried bran accounted for about one-third of total revenue.

Hung Cuc Limited Corporation 

Hung Cuc owns a system of large-scale and very modern rice milling and processing factories for export along with a system of very professional warehouses to be able to meet a variety of customer needs about diverse types and production of rice from many huge markets such as China, Russia, Africa, Taiwan. The company’s rice production capacity is 85,000 tons/year. 

K-Agriculture Factory 

K-Agriculture Factory is a well-developed factory producing agricultural products. K-Agriculture Factory is providing rice, coffee, spices, and so on to about 100 countries in the world, having the trust of customers due to reasonable price, high-quality products, and good cargo handling. Its factory has 2500 MT/day of milling capacity and 400000 MT of storage capacity. Besides, K-Agriculture Factory possessed HACCP and ISO certificates.

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