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Coffee lovers from all over the world have paid special attention to the Robusta coffee beans wholesale. Because of its popularity, Robusta is also different from other types of coffee, which attracts wholesalers to grow and export. 

Definition of Robusta coffee beans wholesale

Robusta coffee beans wholesale is known as individuals or businesses that sell large quantities of Robusta coffee beans to other businesses.


Robusta coffee beans wholesale prices

Characteristics of Robusta coffee type

Robusta coffee beans have a high amount of caffeine, therefore Robusta coffee beans are used for instant coffee or espresso. Robusta coffee beans are often dry-processed so that they have much more bitter taste than other types of coffee.

Robusta coffee is a healthy type of coffee beans so that they can strongly confront insects, which brings good productivity.

Two main countries of robusta coffee beans wholesale


Vietnam is the largest Robusta coffee bean wholesaler from all over the world. Although the coffee industry of Vietnam was interrupted by the War, coffee beans’ quantity has increased rapidly since 1975 to become the top-notch position of Robusta coffee wholesale with about 40% of the world’s Robusta coffee quantity in 2019-2020 . The total cultivated coffee area is about  600.000 ha, Vietnam is an old-aged country of Robusta coffee beans wholesale. 

Vietnam focuses on cheap-price Robusta coffee wholesale to compete with other countries. The flavor of Vietnam Robusta coffee beans are unique because of its method of processing. 


Brazil is the world’s second Robusta coffee bean wholesaler. Brazil has always been at the top of the list of the most advanced coffee producing countries for more than 150 years. Brazil has many large Robusta coffee beans growing areas at about 300.000 farms. In 2021, quantities of Robusta coffee beans are predicted to rise to a record quantity of 20.1 million packages. Abundant rainfall plays a vital role in growing Robusta coffee beans and has boosted Robusta coffee beans wholesale of Espirito Santo, Rondonia và Bahia. Besides, Brazil has advanced technology for planting coffee trees to Robusta coffee beans wholesale.

Factors that impact the Robusta coffee wholesale market.


  • During the period of 2020, because of the lack of rainfall at the south of Sumatra and Java, which account for 75% of Robusta coffee beans wholesale, fall to 9.4 million packages. 
  • In contrast, Brazil has good quality coffee beans and the dry weather for harvesting. Therefore, Brazil consolidated its position as Robusta coffee wholesaler during this period. 
  • Moreover, in Vietnam, according to the coffee report of 2020, the exporting quantity of Robusta coffee beans to some main markets decrease such as Germany, the USA, Russia, Spain,… but increase in other markets such as Japan, Italy, Algeria or Philippines.


Type  November  2020 Compared to Nov 2019 (%) 11 months of 2020 The same period in 2019 (%)
Quant-ity (ton) Value (thousand-s of USD) Quant-ity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quant-ity  Value 
Robusta 70.784 111.011 -25.1 -22.1 1.216.101 1.822.472 -2.9 -3.9

Type of coffee exported Nov 2020 and 11 months of 2020 

(Vietnamese export coffee report)


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries have to apply social distancing, so that tourism is unable to develop. Therefore, it affects the consumption of coffee, especially in Robusta coffee beans. 



Many countries have policies for boosting Robusta coffee beans wholesale. Especially in Vietnam, when exporting to Europe, government has signed the Free Trade Agreement that down the tax rate to 0%, which brings huge benefits for Vietnamese exporters.


Farmers harvest Robusta coffee beans

Top three Robusta coffee beans wholesale suppliers

Robusta coffee beans wholesaler in The USA: Kaldi Coffee

Kaldi Coffee is dedicated to creating a memorable coffee experience for customers and also being a coffee education center

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Robusta coffee beans wholesaler in Vietnam –  K-Agriculture

K-Agriculture is a prestigious Robusta coffee beans wholesale which has supplied for many purchasers from all over the world.

Contact information



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K-Agriculture office

Robusta coffee beans wholesaler in The USA: Java Bean Plus 

Java Bean Plus is one of the world’s largest Robusta suppliers with reasonable prices.

 Contact information

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