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K-Hair is now a prestigious hair factory not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries all over the world. Behind this success, there are stories that not all people know. In fact, each company has its own stories, and K-Hair does, too. In this post, we will share with you the three big stories of the company: the story of its establishment, the stories behind its success and the stories of its endless efforts after such success.

Let’s begin with the story of K-Hair’s establishment. K-Hair was founded in the 1990s. The company originated when Mr. James, the father of K-Hair’s current CEO, settled the initial business. He visited many rural areas in Vietnam to collect hair and exported it to other countries. Two significant of them are China and Thailand. Time passed by, and Mr. Daniel, K-Hair’s current CEO, decided to develop the business. He started to buy hair machines and built a factory. With his passion and knowledge, the company gradually developed and became the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam now.

K-Hair is now a successful hair factory. Then, the stories behind its success are really long and meaningful. The success is the result of lots of efforts to ensure great hair quality, to keep the hair prices reasonable, to improve hair production to meet the demands of more and more customers, and of course, the efforts to overcome numerous difficulties in the competitive business.

K-Hair always tries its best to keep the hair quality of the best grade. All the hair supplied from K-Hair is Vietnamese virgin or remy hair. Both the materials are natural unprocessed human hair. The hair is really healthy and qualified. It is perfectly suitable for making hair extensions. Meanwhile, many other wholesale hair vendors in the business distribute non-remy hair which is the mixed hair and has bad quality to customers for giant profits. For K-Hair, “QUALITY IS KING”, so it never provides this kind of unqualified hair. This is one of the reasons why K-Hair is so trusted by worldwide partners.

Another story behind K-Hair’s success is its effort to keep the price stay reasonable. As we all know, hair extensions produced by K-Hair factory are meticulously checked to ensure the best quality. This is a hard process that consumes a lot of time and money. However, understanding that customers really need qualified hair at not too high prices, K-Hair never raises its price list considerably. Although this prevents the company from gaining giant profits, the company is still satisfied with the values that it brings to the beloved customers. For K-Hair, running the business is not only to pursue physical values, but it is also to approach invaluable unphysical worth. Then, it is understandable that more and more resellers and dealers choose K-Hair as their reliable partner in the business.

To be as successful as it is now, K-Hair also tries its best to improve the production to meet the demands of all customers. From only selling hair available in the catalogues, K-Hair is now capable of producing hair extensions according to particular orders of customers. This is such an effort of the company to please every purchaser. In addition, the experienced staff are also very knowledgeable and able to give the most faithful advice to the customers.

Last but not least, behind any successful story is the story of overcoming difficulties. The way to the current success of K-Hair is not smooth, either. It had to face so many hindrances. It had to find the ways to solve the gradual rareness of hair materials, the inflation, the difficulty in shipping overseas, the effects of the pandemic, etc. Luckily, with smart business direction and strategies together with numerous efforts, K-Hair staff successfully dealt with the issues.

The point is K-Hair doesn’t just end the chain of the stories with its success. Instead, it is trying to “continue” the chain with the stories of its endless efforts after success. For K-Hair, being successful doesn’t mean that you can totally satisfy and stop trying. Being successful is the motivation to even attempt more missions. K-Hair is now, as always, learning to improve the departments, the staff quality and the scale. The employers always make the best use of business travels to learn more knowledge about hair, about production, about business methods, etc to convey to all staff and apply selectively in the company. The departments regularly hold training courses for staff. The customer services are always carefully guaranteed… The efforts are never stopped!

After all the stories of difficulties and effort, K-Hair is now proudly top 1 best hair factory in Vietnam. It is now the partner of more than 5000 hair sellers all over the world with over 1500 loyal customers. K-Hair has 5 offices in 5 different countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria, Russia and the USA. It also specializes in production with 3 main factories: raw processing, coil and style processing, extension processing. K-Hair intends to develop and expand more and more in the future.

For more information about K-Hair company, please visit us at: https://gab.com/khairfactory

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