Is Arabica coffee better than Robusta – Revealing the truth

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When it comes to coffee, many people are curious about the quality of the beans, nutritional contents, and their effects as well as the flavor and perfume of the beverage. Arabica and Robusta coffee have a lot of intriguing distinctions in terms of specs.

The question “Is Arabica coffee better than Robusta coffee?”

Arabica and Robusta coffee are the two most well-known coffees in the world, both of which are consumed on a daily basis. As a result, the world is split into two opposing schools.

Experts estimate that 70-80 percent of individuals who consume coffee on a daily basis drink Arabica coffee, while the rest drink Robusta. “Is Arabica coffee superior to Robusta coffee?” has sparked a heated debate. This article will provide an answer to this query.


Is Arabica and Robusta the same?

Answer to the question “Is Arabica coffee better than Robusta coffee?”

It’s nearly hard to say which coffee is preferable. Because each sort of coffee has its own set of requirements. When it comes to coffee, Arabica and Robusta are separated by their look, caffeine level, flavor, and scent, so each individual will have a distinct experience.

Similarities between Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee

The two varieties of coffee have a very similar look. Unroasted coffee beans are green, whereas roasted coffee beans are brown. The coffee beans are likewise of comparable size and are graded according to international standards.

Difference between Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee

The table below provides a quick review of the differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee based on six criteria:

Arabica coffee Robusta coffee
Shape of coffee beans elliptical 

wavy middle groove

slightly rounded

straight middle groove

Color of coffee beans light brown after roasted dark brown after roasted
Caffeine content 0,8 – 1,5% 1,7 – 3,5%
Taste  sour, mild bitter strong, bitter, bold
Aroma flowery, fruity, honey, chocolatey nutty
Use in preparation Espresso, filter instant

How to choose the right coffee for your taste

Robusta is a kind of coffee that is popular among those who enjoy a bitter flavor. Arabica coffee is ideal for those who prefer a cup of coffee with a variety of flavors. People with a sweet appetite or who are addicted to coffee can consume milk coffee or instant coffee.


How to choose coffee for your taste?

Robusta, on the other hand, has a lower lipid content, which results in a richer and smoother crema in Espresso. As a result, many individuals have mixed these two varieties of coffee to produce the most amazing cup of coffee using the following guidelines:

  • Coffee with a 70:30 Arabica:Robusta ratio will have a balanced, moderate bitterness flavor with a sour aftertaste.
  • Coffee with a 30:70 Arabica:Robusta ratio will have a medium bitter and moderate sour flavor.
  • Coffee with an Arabica: Robusta ratio of 80:20 has a sour and somewhat bitter flavor.

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